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Image by Douglas Bagg

Here at Liquid Latex Fashions, we sell more than just body paint - we sell different products that all jewelry makers and resin enjoyers use in their every day projects. Many look towards our Latex Thickener as well as our HV-65 Natural Liquid Latex Mold Making Rubber for all their creative needs! 

HV-65 Pint of High Viscosity Natural Liquid Latex Mold Making Rubber

Brand: FX Latex

  • 1 part (no Mixing required)

  • Popular among many special effects artists, HV-65 can be brushed or poured into gypsum molds.

  • HV-65 comes as a naturally viscous material that yields a stretchy but durable rubber upon curing.

  • HV-65 is the highest quality casting latex available for mask making, prop making, and slush molded prosthetics.

  • Create highly detailed reusable molds which can be used on models made of metal, clay, plaster, wood, plastic or glass.

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