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Using Liquid Latex

Liquid Latex products are great for face and body painting offering simple application, quick drying and easy removal. Our Liquid Latex formula allows your skin to breath, it will not clog pores. Liquid Latex can be used on the entire body because it does not absorb into the skin. (Not for use on people with latex allergies).

Prepare your skin by washing with soap and water and then applying Liquid Latex Body Prep. Two or three coats of Liquid Latex Body Paint is recommended for the best results. Liquid Latex can be removed by gently washing the surface with our Liquid Latex Body Wash which offers quick and easy removal.


Application of Liquid Latex should be done away from areas where Latex could damage. Liquid Latex will permanently absorb into carpets, upholstery furniture, lamp shades, curtains, etc. Tile, vinyl and hardwood floors will not be damaged by Liquid Latex. Be sure to lay a cloth down before applying Liquid Latex near any fabric material including clothing and shoes. Test a small amount of latex on your skin to be sure you do not have allergies to the product. Do not use if reddening or itching occurs.

What do you put on the skin before application?
We suggest applying a liberal amount of our exclusive Body Prep Lotion.  If Liquid Latex Fashions Body Paint is going to be worn for a long period of time or you anticipate perspiring a lot while wearing it, lotion may be lightly applied or may not be necessary. But, everyone’s skin is different, so "better safe than sorry".

How many coats do you have to paint on?
We recommend 3 or more coats to create a durable and opaque coverage.


How long does it take to dry?
Depending on the temperature and conditions, it generally takes 1 - 2 minutes per coat to dry. Let each coat dry completely before applying the next. A hairdryer will help speed up the drying process.

Can skin breathe if it’s painted?
Yes. The skin breathes under Liquid Latex Fashions Body Paint. There’s nothing toxic in it to be absorbed into the skin. It’s just like wearing a big rubber glove on the body.


How will you know if there’s an allergic reaction to Liquid Latex?
Always do a small test patch on the skin before use. If the skin becomes red, swollen and/or irritated then gently remove the latex, wash with soap and water and discontinue use.

How much does it take to cover a body?
Generally, it takes one quart (32 ounces) to cover a full body, head to toe, in the recommended 3 coats, often with a little left over.


How long will it stay on?
Depends on the conditions you’re wearing it in and your individual skin and body type. Generally, it will last at least several hours before lifting from the skin.


How long can you safely wear it?
Indefinitely. As long as you’re comfortable, you should be safe. Your skin will breath under the latex.


Is it safe on the face and/or pubic area?
Yes, generally, as long as you do a test patch and have no negative reactions. Be sure to keep the latex out of eyes, nose, ears and all internal body cavities.


What’s the best way to apply Liquid Latex?
Use a foam brush or foam roller for smooth, even application. Liquid Latex Fashions Body Paint dries quickly on brushes, so be sure to have a good supply of fresh, clean foam brushes. An airbrush, we’ve been told, is a great application method, but you have to know which type of airbrush to use. Liquid Latex Fashions Face and Body Paint can also be applied with the hands, but won’t get smooth results.


Is it necessary to use a base coat?
We suggest using Liquid Latex Fashions Base Coat Foundation as it provides a foundation for the colors to achieve their full brightness. By applying the Base Coat Foundation you are making the paint more durable in addition to reducing the number of colored coats that you will need to apply.


Do I need to do anything special for photo shoots?
There are a few extra steps for photo shoots:

  1. Use 4 or more coats. Strobe photography and stage lights will penetrate the translucent latex and appear splotchy.

  2. Apply stardust in an area away from the camera. Stardust is a very fine powder and will become airborne, causing star-like refractions in the lens.

  3. Make sure the model(s) is warm and comfortable. It may take a while to get the painting done and nothing will ruin a shoot like a cold, uncomfortable, lightheaded, unhappy model.


Is it hot to wear?
No, it’s like a rubber glove. Whatever you would feel on the outside you’ll feel on the inside. If anything, it may actually be a little cold.


Does it insulate from the cold?
No, it’s not thick and foamed like a wet suit. It’s thin like a rubber glove.


What does it feel like to wear Liquid Latex?
Liquid Latex will shrink about 3-4% as it dries. That will make it fit snugly. Sometimes there may be a very slight itching sensation for a few minutes as it shrinks and your skin begins to breath underneath, but it will subside quickly. Then it will feel like a rubber glove covering the body… it will feel like you’re wearing clothes, but something very tight and thin.


Can I paint the hair on my head?
NO! The only way you will be able to get the paint out of the hair on you head is to shave it out.


How do I make the paint not so shiny?
After you are finished painting and apply the finishing spray you can dust a little bit of baby powder over the paint to reduce the sheen of the paint.



How does it come off?
From a relatively smooth body, it just peels off.  If you are painting sensitive areas, or areas with large amounts of body hair, use our exclusive Body Cleanse Lotion.  This will aid in removing latex easily and without any discomfort at all!


Will it pull out body hair?
Not on most very fine hair, if the skin is prepared properly. If there’s a moderate amount of hair, it will definitely pull on the hair if not first prepped with the Body Prep Lotion and removed with our Body Cleanse Lotion.


How does it come out of longer body hair if it gets in it?
Follow the directions with our Body Cleanse formula, and you can remove Liquid Latex from most any body part easily and without discomfort.




Can you use Liquid Latex to make molds?
Yes. In fact, we will soon be introducing additives to help harden the latex and speed the drying time.


Can the colors be mixed?

Yes, you can mix colors out of the jar to create custom tones. We also sell concentrated color pigments to add to Liquid Latex Fashions Body Paint.


Can you spray it on with an airbrush?
Yes. Use a brush capable of heavier viscosity outputs, such as an automotive touchup brush. Paasche makes some brushes that work well with Liquid Latex Face & Body Paint. Generally the latex will need no thinning. Be sure to keep the pressure low to avoid injury and the tip of the gun clean so it doesn’t clog.


What makes Liquid Latex Fashions Body Paint better than other the other liquid latex products?
We have devoted a great deal of time to extensive product development. Our Liquid Latex Body Paint is formulated with FDA approved ingredients, using only natural, medical grade products.  We have formulated the Liquid Latex Body Paint to be the shiniest, smoothest, stretchiest and most richly and vibrantly colored liquid latex possible. We are constantly working on ways to advance our current products, develop new products, enrich our packaging and promote our name on our product lines.


What is Stardust?
Liquid Latex Fashions' Stardust is a finely ground mica powder that is brushed over the surface of dried Liquid Latex Body Paint. Mica is a natural element that is used in many popular cosmetic products. Stardust is used as a finishing product to keep the dry latex from sticking together and ripping and also creates brilliant metallic or pearlescent effects on the surface of latex, leather or directly on the skin. Stardust can be used as an alternative to Fantasy Finish spray.


What is Fantasy Finish spray?
Liquid Latex Fashions Fantasy Finish Spray is a silicone-water emulsion that can be used to polish dull latex and other surfaces.  Use Fantasy Finish as a finishing product on the final dried surface of Liquid Latex that helps to keep the latex from bonding to itself. Fantasy Finish can be used as an alternative to Stardust powder.


Why do you have to use a "finishing product" (Stardust or Fantasy Finish spray)?
Finishing products such as Fantasy Finish polish or Stardust powder are used on the final, dried surface of Liquid Latex to keep it from sticking together and ripping. Liquid Latex Body Paint, after drying, will be tacky to the touch and if two painted areas touch together, it will cause a "contact glue" effect, causing it to rip or peel away from the skin if the finishing products are not used.


Does Stardust go on when the latex is wet or dry?
Dust the Stardust on only after the latex has completely dried. Because it is such a fine powder, it will slightly embed itself on the surface of the latex. Then you can wipe away the excess with your hands or a cloth.


Can you wear the latex again after it’s been taken off?
Liquid latex is generally a one-time-use product if painting it on the body. After peeling it off, it will usually tear, stretch out, and/or crumple up and stick together. Liquid Latex can be painted over some fabrics, especially denim or Lycra, if you would like rewearable latex clothes.


How thick is it after 3 coats?
Depending on how thick you paint it on, the latex will usually be about the same as wearing two rubber gloves.


Does it come in different flavors?
No, just one… rubber. If you don’t like chewing on condoms or rubber surgical gloves, you won’t like the taste of dried Liquid Latex Body Paint. We have made a conscious decision NOT to flavor Liquid Latex because we want to strongly discourage people from putting it in their mouths or ingesting it.


Is it edible?
No. Liquid Latex is nontoxic, but you definitely wouldn’t want to take any chances. It would taste terrible.

Multitude of Colors including Blacklight Colors!

Liquid Latex Fashions offers a full line of solid latex colors. We have specialty colors including gold and silver metallic colors for a shimmering statue effect, a large selection of fluorescent and neon Liquid Latex Fashions Body Paint colors that are bright providing great eye catching outfits and costumes.  In addition, we can create custom colors if there is a particular color you would like and do not see on our color palette.


Our Magic Stardust adds a colorful sheen to your Liquid Latex application. Stardust comes in 7 different colors. We offer a Prep, Clean and Finish Kit ideal for the application and removal of liquid latex. These items are also sold separately. We have foam brushes and rollers in all sizes needed to paint your face and body.


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