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Home to the most versatile liquid latex products.

Cosmetic grade, FDA approved, and high quality. 

We ship body paint and make up products worldwide.

Overnight shipping available.

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Best Sellers

Face Paint


Allow latex to dry before adding anything on top! This tutorial shows CLEAR liquid latex drying CLEAR.

Leading brand in all things liquid latex and body paint, we supply the BEST products to use for your Halloween costumes, school plays, and cosplays! Get your creative side on and try out our fake blood, body paints, stardust, and become the STAR you've dreamed of! Our body paint and products are sure to have everyone turning their head at the sight of these bright colors, realistic looking special effects, or anything you can put your mind to!

For all inquiries, please use our CONTACT page.

Check out our FAQ page to get all the information you need on how to use our liquid latex/body paint products!

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